Thoughts On ‘CrissColfer’


Backstory before the masterpost: I have been watching Glee since I was 12, when Blaine Anderson was just an idea in a blazer. When he came along in Season 2, I wondered briefly about the chemistry between the real actors. However, I pushed thoughts like this away as it was popular belief that this was all a farce; a teen fantasy. I supported Mia and Will whole heartedly, but something didn’t add up for me, and it still doesn’t. For anyone who is new to the whole CC phenomenon, I feel for you, but also, I thought I should make a masterpost to outline a few things, such as what draws people to believing, why it may not be as impossible as we think, and the inaccuracies behind both the believers and non believers’ theories at times. 

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I think I’ve stepped into a warped universe where Klaine are allowed to kiss and Chris & Darren are allowed to be next to each other.

I really look up to actors that are known for just being damn good actors; that’s all I ever aspired to be known as… sexiest man alive couldn’t hurt either.


isn’t there a Dr. Seuss book called ‘Oh The AUs You’ll Write’?